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sue-in-kitchen-for-printYour remedy is always here for you.
We grow and make almost everything we sell in our store. That’s how we can be sure you get the consistently excellent quality we are known for. We also understand how disappointed you would be if your trusted remedies weren’t available when you need them, so we have set up systems and processes that ensure that we don’t run out.

You get what you pay for
We’ve heard it been said that dispensaries are expensive. Not true at Remedy. You get what you pay for here: quality, and better bang for you buck.


Dried Flowers are offered in a variety of packages for $8-10 per gram, $25 eighths, and on going deals on half and whole ounce increments!

The following selection of flowers are currently growing in The Remedy Garden. Most of them are always in stock unless otherwise indicated.



Indica Hybrid
Fruity, calming, euphoric. Patients report it helps with pain and digestive issues.


Sativa Hybrid
Uplifting, happy, energizing effect.
May not always be in stock.

CBD Remedy

AKA: “AC/DC”/ High CBD, Low THC strain
Patient’s choice to relieve seizures, anxiety, inflammation, and pain without the “high” that THC strains may produce.

Chem Dog

Indica hybrid
Relaxing, strong and flavorful. Patients report it relieves their pain, stimulates appetite and helps them forget.

Citral Glue

Hybrid / By Ethos Collective (Gorilla Glue#4 X Citral Skunk). Calming, happy effect offering a balance of motivation and relaxation.


Unique 3:2 ratio of CBD:THC
Flavorful, uplifting and motivating without a strong “high”. Patient favorite for strong medicinal relief without impairment.







Kosher Kush

By DNA Genetics Reserva Privada./ Cerebral yet heavy body relaxation that patients love for it’s pain relieving effect. May not always be in stock.

Oh Gee! Kush

“The OG #18″By DNA Genetics Reserva Privada (OG Kush S1). High potency favorite, Cannabis Cup Winner! Calming effect that patients say helps with pain and sleep issues.

Mandarin Cookies

Hybrid / By Ethos Collective (Mandarin Sunset X Forum Cut Cookies) Smells like mandarin oranges, uplifting and relaxing effect.

Purple Bubbleberry

Sativa hybrid
A special Remedy exclusive with an uplifting, motivating effect. Our members use it for a many different ailments. May not always be in stock.

Skywalker Kush

A cup winner by DNA Genetics Reserva Privada, (Skywalker X OG Kush). Patients tell us the effect is relaxing, happy and euphoric.

Sour Diesel

Known for its speedy, energizing effect and distinctive smell. Patients say it helps their digestive issues and depression.

THC Cannatonic

A rare high THC/ low CBD phenotype of Cannatonic.
Calming, uplifting and happy effect. Patients report a variety of therapeutic uses.

White Widow

Sativa hybrid
Wonderful sweet flavor with motivating, energizing effect. Patients report it helps with ocular pressure and pain.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Fudge

$10/ piece/ ultra potent THC formula

About 90mg Total THC, per piece

Gel-Ease Gummy Squares

$10/ 5-pack/ Available in THC sativa, THC indica and CBD

10mg activated THC or CBD per gel-ease.

THC Fruity Krispie Treat

$5/ 6 slices/ Ultra potent THC formula

About 90mg Total THC per all 6 slices.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

$5/ 2-pack.  Fully activated, moderate potency

20mg activated THC per cookie.

Chocolate Chip Brownie Bar

$6/ bar  $18/ 3-pack. Fully activated, Delicious, Strong THC potency

60mg activated THC per brownie bar.

Chewy Caramel- THC or Harlequin (2:1 CBD:THC)

$12/ 6-pack/ made with either a variety of THC strains (10mg activated THC), or Harlequin (7mg CBD & 3mg THC) per piece. Great tasting, fully activated, strong potency.

Infused Vegetable Cooking Oil- THC or CBD

$36/ 60 ml/ Make your own low cost CBD or THC Edibles!
About 10mg activated CBD or THC per ml. 600mg per 1/4C.


$42/ 12-pack/ coconut oil, vegan, 80mg of THC each.

$15/ 4-pack/ coconut oil, vegan, 80mg each, THC or CBD available.




$15/ 1/2  gram/ Variety of strains available

Topical – Body Balm

$10/ sample size shown, $20/ 1 ounce or $40/ 2.5 ounce

O.pen Reserve Cartridge

$75/ Nothing but refined CO2 Honey Oil/ battery sold separately

O.pen Cartridge

$45/ 250mg/ battery sold separately

O.pen Battery

$10 for 1.0 or 2.0 battery/ Comes with USB charger


$25/ 250mg of THC

A delicious simple syrup that can be added to any drink or taken on its own. We have a variety of flavors to choose from.