The Remedy team is a dedicated group of hard working cannabis professionals who take our jobs very seriously and are passionate about what we do. Many of us are medical marijuana patients suffering from the same debilitating medical conditions you may have and know the value of the remedies we are producing first-hand.

We’re patients too, so we know how important it is to find a safe,
reliable source of medicinal-quality cannabis products.

Every Remedy team member is an expert in their line of work. We follow proven systems and processes for everything we do to make consistent, high quality products for you.

We are Trained Professionals


Employee PFC Certificates

Remedy employees complete comprehensive PFC (Patient Focused Certification) online training programs from Americans for Safe Access in cultivation, manufacturing and distribution. We learn about topics such as legal and regulatory requirements, integrated pest management, manufacturing quality controls, sanitation, record-keeping, and much more. This training ensures all of our products and services go beyond compliance to provide patients with consistent, clean, high quality remedies.

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