member-at-counterWelcome to The Remedy Store, where your medical marijuana (or “cannabis”) needs are taken care of with the compassion and respect you deserve. Whether cannabis is your old friend or you are a newbie to cannabis, you’ll feel right at home here.

We are patients who benefit from using marijuana to ease our own suffering and improve our well-being. We created Remedy to offer the same relief to you in a safe, familiar store without judgement, guilt or shame. Remedy is the place where you’ll feel confident in your choices and who you get it from.


Our members come from all walks of life and may or may not have a relationship with cannabis before they come to us. We teach some folks how to use cannabis remedies for the first time, and our members teach us which remedies work best for their particular ailment. This in turn helps us help you make selections if you are seeking the same kind of relief. Your Remedy friends are always here to help you choose from our huge selection of cannabis products.