Marijuana (we like to call “cannabis”), is not just for smoking any more. We infuse it into tasty foods known as “edibles” (or “medibles”) and tinctures that deliver reliable dosing and long-lasting effects. Ingesting cannabis provides a different kind of relief than smoking or vaporizing and may be just the remedy you are looking for.


Logs and testing ensure consistent dosing

At The Remedy Bakery we’ve learned it takes lots of experience, math, science and detailed recordkeeping to make consistently potent, effective edibles. Stacks of notebooks containing recipes, lab analyses, formulas and taster’s notes were used to develop our collection of everyday favorite edibles that are always in stock for you at Remedy.

What makes Remedy edibles so good?

  • They are as delicious as un-medicated We’ve created proprietary methods to infuse and refine Remedy butters, oils and concentrates with cannabis to minimize herbal taste in the edibles we make.
  • Consistent potency from batch to batch The Remedy Bakery has developed tried and true recipes, formulas, and mixing methods to ensure consistent potency from edible to edible, batch to batch.

    Measuring cup

    It all starts with our Remedy Oil

  • Predictable Dosing Remedy tests every batch of butter, oil and concentrate to be sure your edibles are consistent potency. We provide you with the potency data you need to make informed choices. As always, we suggest you “Start low and go slow”.
  • Get the effect you expect Edibles can have different effects depending on how they are made and your unique body chemistry. A precise amount of time and temperature is needed to activate the cannabis to produce a profoundly different medicinal effect than that of un-activated cannabis. At Remedy, you can choose the right edible for you based on the effect you are looking for.

Inspected, Licensed and Certified Commercial Kitchen

The Remedy Bakery is inspected annually by Maine’s Department of Agriculture to maintain our commercial kitchen license and by the city of Auburn to prove we meet their requirements as a licensed bakery.