Mainers Tim and Jenna started Remedy Compassion Center, one of eight dispensaries in Maine, in 2010. We happened to be the first state-licensed medical marijuana dispensary east of Colorado. It has been an honor and privilege to help relieve the suffering of thousands of fellow Mainers with a medicinal plant that helps us in so many ways.

Our mission is to help improve your quality of life with an effective herbal remedy from a trusted source.

Remedy Compassion Center provides a safe, professional environment where you can shop for quality medicinal-grade cannabis products without fear or judgement. We are patients helping patients, and we’re here to serve you and help you feel better.

We strive tPFC logoo be the best grower, manufacturer and retailer of cannabis products in Maine – perhaps even in the whole country. Achieving Patient Focused Certification (PFC) helps prove to you that we have met the high standards we strive for. PFC is a cannabis industry accreditation program offered by Americans for Safe Access (ASA), America’s largest cannabis patient advocacy group.  It’s not easy to earn PFC, especially in all three areas of our business – cultivation, manufacturing and distribution. That’s why only a few companies in the United States have achieved it. PFC is what you and your healthcare provider can look for to identify safe, reliable, high-quality medical cannabis products and services.