1. Grow Indoors – Control of the plants’ environment gives us control over possible threats.
  2. Control Moisture – No spraying, no puddles and no standing water eliminates the breeding ground for unwelcome fungi and pests.
  3. Flush Well – Wicked good cannabis is clean and flavorful. While some growers feed their plants up to the day of harvest to maximize yield, we prefer to maximize flavor and purity by cleansing our plants of nutrients and heavy metals with a water-only “flush” while they ripen.
  4. Steady Dry – Precise control of our drying room’s temperature, humidity and air flow along with consistent flower bud size optimizes fragrance and flavor while eliminating the possibility for fungal growth.
  5. Long Cure – Just like fine spirits need a long cure to maximize their potential, so does wicked good cannabis. We “burp” the dried flowers for weeks to enhance the taste, flavor and effect to their full potential.
  6. Heavy Pruning – By shaping the plants, we create a more uniform flower size and reduce bulk that may harbor pests or fungi. This helps us provide you with consistent packages of premium bud.
  7. Hand Trimming – While many growers use automatic trimming machines to save time and money, we prefer to save potency by hand-trimming our flowers. This preserves the trichomes (the fragile little medicine balls) on the flowers, which easily get knocked off in a machine.
  8. Don’t Spray the Plants – Nothing is sprayed on Remedy’s flowers- no pesticides, no nutrients, no nothing. Why would we put anything on your remedies that can’t be rinsed off, may taste bad, or worse, may be harmful to your health?
  9. Seek and Destroy – Inspecting plants takes up a huge portion of our time in the garden. By scouting all plants daily and deep inspecting each one weekly, we see potential threats before they become a problem. Affected plants are sadly destroyed without question before they become a threat to the rest of the garden.
  10. Start From Seed – The greatest threat to cannabis gardens, such as spider mites and powdery mildew, often come on infected cuttings or plants acquired from other growers. That’s why Remedy has a policy not to ever accept cutting from generous growers, no matter how reputable they may be.